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Article III                 Membership

Section 1
Membership is open to all Moroccans without discrimination on the
basis of race, color, sex, or religion, provided that these persons
subscribe and abide strictly to the rules and regulations of the

Section 2
Application for membership is open all year around. To become a
member, a person needs to comply with the following:

. 18 years of age or Older
. Be in good standing with the United States laws.
. Pay the membership fees ( $ 10.00 Per Month

Failure to abide by the above rules will results in revoking of the
membership at the sole discretion of the board of trustees of the

Section 3
Membership dues shall be collected on an annual basis. It shall be the
responsibility of the members to keep their membership up-to-date.

Section 4
By simple majority, the Board of Trustees or the Board of Directors may
suspend or cancel the membership of any member if they find that such
member is involved in any illegal activities, misconduct, or in violation
of the rules and regulations of the organization.
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